Are Vitamins and Supplements for Everyday Use?

Every famous fitness celebrity seems to be selling vitamin supplements. Many athletes and trainers have endorsed products, often using the line, “It doesn’t hurt to get extra vitamins.” This concept is not backed by science and can have life-threatening consequences. Various large-scale scientific studies have shown that most supplements are useless. People waste a lot of money on them and some are linked with higher risk of death.


There are only a few vitamins that doctors recommend. Zinc can help reduce the effects of a cold since it’s been shown to shorten the life cycle of the cold virus. However, there have been no studies on the effect of zinc on other viruses. Therefore, zinc tablets won’t help with the flu or any other viral infection.

Vitamin D

If you live somewhere with little to no sunlight in the wintertime, you’ll want to take some Vitamin D supplements. Usually, our skin gets enough of this vitamin just by normal sun exposure. Plus, this vitamin isn’t common in food, so supplements help us Northern-dwellers keep our bones strong.

Folic Acid

If you’re pregnant, folic acid is crucial for growth and development and you’ll want to take this supplement. If you’re not pregnant, there’s really no need to spend money on folic acid pills. 

Are These Supplements Necessary?

Things like B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and antioxidants are unnecessary. You can get these micronutrients by eating regular food. Any animal product will contain B-vitamins, citrus is loaded with Vitamin C, and all plants are filled with antioxidants. By eating real food, your body is able to digest and absorb all the nutrients naturally. 

Get Out and Move Around

Instead of spending money on pills, spend money on fun activities and events that keep you active. Remember, the pills won’t make you any healthier! Go for a walk, sign up for the gym and go regularly, look up new workouts online and follow along. All these things will contribute more to your health than any pill ever could.

Are Vitamins and Supplements for Everyday Use?

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