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                                                  BRAIN HEALTH – BUILDING A SUPER BRAIN & YOUTHFUL VIGOR

A complete, comprehensive guide on the brain. Discover how each section of the brain works, how daily life, even how we breathe and conceive thoughts  affect our brain functions.

This extraordinary, treatise on the computer that runs,  monitors, and control every minute detail of your life will change how you see and interact with your daily world. This is not just a book on the brain, this is life changing information that will improve and transform your entire body and mental outlook if the contents are followed.

Regardless of age, this amazing book will take you places you never thought were even possible.

              Discover Powerful Information:

  • Foods that affect/increase brain functions
  • Herbs that have been proven to enhance brain functions
  •  Specific breathing techniques that instantly stimulates the brain and provide long term brain health
  • Amazing new research on sound, music & magnetism and their profound ability to heal the brain, and improve cognitive abilities
  • A new class of quantum elements that generate higher brain functions
  • Exercises that increase brain mass:  There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain.  We now know for a fact that the brain continues to produce new neurons throughout our lives, and it does so in response to stimulation (exercise). This is referred to as brain plasticity or neuro-plasticity.  Learn what exercises work best to allow the muscles to communicate back and forth with the brain to produce the best results.

This is a one of a kind treatise on the most important organ in your body. Discover simple ways to protect your eyesight, proper nutrition, brain games, brain stimulation. Learn how to effectively shift your focus to foods linked to better brain power, including specific fruits, and vegetables, that will not increase your brain capacity, but will also provide powerful anti-aging properties.  21 Power Packed Chapters.

And Much, Much More!

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Free Bonuses

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Bonus One: Introduction to Nootropics

Introduction to Nootropics: Nootropics are drugs that have cognitive enhancing effects. They improve mental processes such as memory and concentration.

Bonus Three: Whole Health

A great introduction To Your Overall Health For You And Your Loved Ones. Most of us have the intention of staying healthy, but not all of us can sustain healthy living. This is the reason why a lot of self-help tools were made including this little book as it can help you continue and eventually achieve your health goals.

Bonus Two: Intelligence Battle Plan

Intelligence Battle Plan will give you a better understanding of the way your mind works which will also help you to begin a battle plan for intelligence, and improved brain function. Discover how we think and problem solve.

Bonus Four: Empty Mind Meditation

In a 2005 Newsweek’s survey, nearly a third of adults in the United States are found to be engaging in daily simple meditation. These people maintain that meditation brings them a lot of positive things. They claim that meditation gives them inner peace, more focus, lessening of stress, and a deeper appreciation and understanding of life

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