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What Are Scabies?

Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by infectious, Sarcoptic Scabies mites. Scabies is estimated to infect over 300 million humans worldwide each year, including 1 million people in the United States. Scabies most frequently occurs in children and young adults, with outbreaks in child care facilities and schools common.

Traditional Scabies Treatment

Traditionally, medical treatments consists of using potentially harmful, pesticides that may or may not be effective. These are chemicals and are known to be toxic. And because of overuse, scabies mites have developed some measure of resistance to these chemicals, making treatment difficult, and very costly.

There Is a Better Way

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If you are affected by scabies, then you need to be proactive and treat it immediately, in it’s earliest Stages. Gain a thorough insight into Scabies, Learn how they live and feed on the human body and how to treat the condition in your home with 100% Success.

Fart too many people suffering from scabies spend too much time in misery. They also pay way too much money on creams, lotions and medications, some which are toxic and take too long to actually provide relief.

Scabies can be extremely difficult to get rid of because they are protected by your skin. Your skin is nature’s way of defending you against the outside world. Unfortunately, the scabies mites have found a way to penetrate that defense and use your own skin against you. They burrow tunnels through your skin, making themselves at home inside you.

The good news: Anyone can treat scabies at home with some simple products that can be found at any grocery, or health food store. And they work!

This very informative book provides in-depth information on how to use a few simple items. It was written by a Retired Air Force Medical Technician. It some very simple, but extremely effective procedures on how to get rid of scabies fast. This is a first-hand account of how he was able to rid his scabies infection in 24 hrs. Others have used this same information to find fast relief from scabies.

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Fast relief from constant itching and that moving feeling underneath your skin.
Taking action immediately will stop further spreading and also prevent scarring of the skin.
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How to eliminate scabies mites, naturally. Without use of expensive and harmful pharmaceutical medications.

How to anti-age your skin and body, with a truly, wholistic approach, using specific exercises, nutritional supplements and herbs that have been clinically proven.

How to determine if you have scabies. And what to do immediately to prevent spreading.

How to properly rid your entire home of scabies using some simple items you probably already have in your home. 


Sample Chapters

What is Scabies/Signs/Symptoms/Transmission/Incubation Period

Can scabies be treated/Is It Contagious/Public Transmission

How to remove scabies mites from your house or carpet?

Common Symptoms

Possible Complications

Traditional Scabies Treatment

My Personal Experience

Other Options


Preventing Scabies

Anti-Aging Your Body/Skin

The Precursors of Aging


Nutrition & Diet

Anti-Aging Herbs

Topical Creams

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