Discover The History of White Flour & How it affects your Body in ways you never Imagined

Many years ago a well known and highly, admired Science Magazine predicted that White Flour would eventually be banned in most countries. Why?

Even after 100 years of consumption, researchers are still not sure just how much  processed/white flour damage the human body.  Recent research has proven that this, “Highly consumed grain”, is very, toxic and dangerous, especially when combined with other processed foods, making it even deadly.

Some nutritionist and medical experts say, “White Flour is a Legal Poison“, The Silent, Slow, Killer.

Highly Informative

This highly informative book takes a close look at White Flour, its history, its dangers, how it affects the body from head to toe, and why our government has basically ignored all the dangerous facts and research data on White Flour for decades.

White Flour affects the body in ways most people are unaware of. Some research has even found a link between processed flour and mental illness, including serious mental health issues like depression and schizophrenia. 

The information presented in this amazing book will help you gain a better idea about food in general, and how to get the most health benefits out of everything you eat.

A Few Sample Topics:

Bleached Flour
Dangers of Bromated Flour
White Flour and The FDA
Health Risks
Whole Grains
White Sugar
How Synthetic Vitamins Kill You Slowly
3 Ways To Detoxify Your Entire Body

Healthy ingredient substitutes to transform your favorite traditional recipes into health generating  Foods.  Plus a Great list of  Wholegrain Recipes.

Includes an Experiment you can conduct at home to simulate what happens in inside your body when certain foods are combined and eaten“.

And Much More!


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