Hair coloring with lemon juice

You can lighten your hair color naturally and gently with a bit of fresh lemon juice and some heat (either by sitting under the sun or using a hairdryer). If done the right way, lemon juice can lighten your natural hair color by a few shades. Repeated applications will also continue to make your hair lighter.

What you’ll need: Freshly squeezed lemon juice. A hairdryer (or some time under the sun).

How to do it: It’s best to do a test on a lock of hair first before attempting this on your whole head — just to get an idea of the kind of lightening you’ll get.

1) Soak the hair you want lightened in lemon juice thoroughly. Use your fingers or a small brush. Wear gloves if you have any cuts on your hands as lemon juice will sting. Now you’ll need some heat to activate the lightening power of the lemon juice.

2) If it’s a sunny day, you can get this heat by sitting under the sun until your hair dries. Depending on the humidity, it can take about 30 minutes or more. Remember to wipe off any excess lemon juice from your skin before sitting under the sun as lemon juice can make skin more sun-sensitive.


If you prefer not go under the sun, set your hairdryer to the medium or high setting and blow dry the section of hair that has been soaked in lemon juice.

3) Once your hair is dry, rinse or shampoo it to get the dried lemon juice out. Use a good deep hair conditioner. Air or blow dry your hair to see the full lightening effect. Repeat the process if you want a lighter shade or if your hair is particularly resistant

Hair coloring with lemon juice




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