The Stroop Effect test is a cool brain teaser which exercises your brain.

It was named after John Ridley Stroop who was an American psychologist that studied reaction times in individuals as part of his work.

It demonstrates how our mental processing times slow down when trying to assimilate incongruent information.

To play the game, you start by pronouncing the color of the following words. Don’t read the words, just pronounce the colors of the words.

Green Red Blue
Purple Blue Purple

Easy enough, right? Now, do the same for this second group of words. Again, don’t read the words, just pronounce the color of the words.

Blue Purple Red
Green Purple Green

Ahh… That time is was a little more difficult, wasn’t it? It took you a little more time to go through the list of words. The reason is that the color of the second group of words does not match the actual word itself. This causes a delay in the time it takes to name the color of the words in the second group. This is called the Stroop Effect.

The Stroop Effect test exercises the portion of the brain which is considered to be responsible for higher order executive functions (frontal lobe).

Check out the YouTube video below based on the Stroop Effect test.

Online Stroop Test:

The link below takes you to an interactive version of the Stroop Task game. It’s difficulty increases as you get better. It’s a blast to play!

Click The Color

The Stroop Test challenges your brain and is both fun and a little addicting.

Give it a try and grow some new brain cells!

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By: Gary Dashney


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