6pc 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel Skillet Set

$499.00 $250.00

Each piece is constructed of extra-heavy T304 stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 12-element construction spreads heat quickly and evenly and the Steam Control™ valves make “waterless” cooking easy. The riveted handles are superbly styled and resistant to heat, cold and detergents. Includes 8-3/4″ skillet with cover, 11-1/8″ skillet with cover and 12-3/4″ skillet with helper handle and cover. Limited lifetime warranty.

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Cooking foods in water often results in the loss of nutrients and flavor and can also change the appearance of the food, often making it less visually appealing. With waterless cookware, the natural juices of food is converted into steam which cooks the food. Of course, some dry foods like rice will require some water added since it needs to absorb additional water to make it edible, but most foods have adequate amounts of their own juices or retained liquids to create enough steam to enable cooking without any additional water being added.
Why should you Use Waterless Cookware?

It’s All in the lid and thickness of the sidewalls. The dome shaped lid on Waterless Cookware creates a tight seal around the skillet that locks in heat, moisture and the food’s own juices to cook and flavor the food. The thick stainless steel walls distribute heat evenly around the food from side to side and top to bottom. This allows food to be cooked fater with less energy.

Uses no Oil in Cooking. …
Only Low or Medium Heat is Needed. …
Bake on the Stove.
Safety. The materials used in making the waterless cookware add to its safety. …
Better Nutrients Retention. …
Less Fat and Oil. …
Better Taste and Appearance of Cooked Foods. …
Reduced Cooking Time. …
Energy Efficient. …
Easy to Clean and Maintain.

  • 8-3/4″ Skillet with Cover
  • 11-1/8″ Skillet with Cover
  • 12-3/4″ Skillet with Cover
  • 12-Element Extra-Heavy Stainless Steel Construction
  • Riveted Handles Resistant to Heat, Cold & Detergents
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty