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The smoothest, cleanest, best tasting chlorella ever created.* A true “superfood” providing all the nutrients necessary for supporting abundant health. Easily digested, heavy metal support*, may strengthen immune health.*

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When the term “superfood” was first coined in the early 80s, it referred only to foods that were so nutrient dense, so nutritionally complete that they, by themselves, had all the nutrients necessary to support a healthy life. By that definition, very few foods were truly “superfoods”. Today, every fruit & vegetable that has been deemed nutritious is a “superfood”. The term has become virtually meaningless.

Only foods in the first link of the food chain are the true superfoods.* These are the foods that are the beginning of all organic life and they are made through the miracle of photosynthesis; sunlight and water. Chlorella is a true “superfood”.* It is 60% protein and has every nutrient the body may require for optimal health and it has powerful detoxification properties.*

Think About Broken-Cell Chlorella

Many manufacturers of chlorella break the cell wall because it is a hard, fibrous cell and difficult for the human digestive tract to properly break it down for assimilation into the body. But it is that same property that makes chlorella such a powerful  agent of heavy metals.* Breaking the cell may increase digestibility*, but you sacrifice some of its powerful detoxification properties in the process.
However, scientific studies on rats have been conducted to determine if non-broken cell chlorella and broken cell chlorella made a difference in digestibility. The results of this study showed that there is no difference between the two types ¹. So, claims of improved digestibility are ambiguous and it can diminish many properties; which is the reason many take chlorella supplements in the first place.*

Simple Solution: Chlorella Regularis

There are 3 different species of chlorella marketed today; Chlorella vulgaris, pyrenoldosa, and regularis. The first two species have a hard cell wall. However, regularis is a much softer cell. It very easy to digest. And since the cell wall is not broken, all the detoxifying potential is still intact.*
Most Chlorella marketed today is grown in outdoor facilities in either, China, Japan, Taiwan, or South Korea. Whether the chlorella is grown organically or not, these outdoor facilities are subject to all types of air borne pollutants coming from industrial waste, the burning of fossil fuels, chemtrails, bird droppings, and insect contamination.*

Impeccable Quality

Chlorella Pure is grown in hermetically sealed, stainless steel tanks under pharmaceutical conditions. This environment produces the highest quality, nutrient dense chlorella.* It is completely free of all contaminants.* Since it is the soft-cell regularis, it is easily digested. And since the cells are not damaged by a breaking process, the detoxification properties have not been compromised.*

¹Komaki,H., Yamashita,M., Niwa,Y., Tanaka,Y., Kamiya,N., Ando,Y., Furuse; “The effect of processing of Chlorella vulgaris: K-5 on in vitro an in vivo digestibility in rats” Animal Fed Science Technology 70 (1998) 363-366 M. 1997