Yoga Squat Will Improve Your Range Of Motion

When you think of a squat, you may picture gym rats hoisting heavy weights overhead while bending their knees and getting low. That position is a squat, yes, but there’s a gentler version in yoga that can help improve your range of motion.

Called Malasana or garland pose, a yoga squat strengthens the lower half of the body, including the hamstrings, calf muscles and quads, as well as the core and lower back. It’s an excellent move for bringing on calmness.

In the Udaya video above, yoga instructor Vytas Baskauskas demonstrates how to get into this position, and offers modifications for those who struggle or have knee injuries. Watch the video first if you’re a newbie, then replay it while listening to Baskauskas’ instructions for a great stretch and workout. The more you practice, the longer you’ll be able to hold the pose.

Yoga Squat Will Improve Your Range Of Motion

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